Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime!

The agricultural industry needs not only Talent and Passionate, most importantly, it needs Knowledgeable workforce. Through training, we are helping smallholder farmers to identify their strengths, potential and to take ownership of what they have.

Farming Vocational Training & Skills Development

The training and skills development is crucial for the development of smallholder farmers’ competency, efficiency and the ability to apply new technologies in their farming practices, business skills, financial knowledge. The education provides opportunities for smallholder farmers’ development and growth as well as knowledge of the industry where they

Why Training and Skills Development

The agriculture industry needs a talented, passionate and knowledgeable workforce. Through training, the will be able to identify their strengths and potentials and take ownership of what they have. Like in every trade, it is not what we do but, how we do it. Efficiency is the key to success. It is crucial for smallholder farmers to learn to preserve crop and still keep their nutrients, learn the business and financial management in relation to their daily activities, understand marketing, market access, pricing, grading and the promotion of their agricultural products so that they are overseers of their own farming operations.


Framers develop and grow their leadership abilities that allow them not only to advocate and inform the public but, also to run their businesses efficiently, sustainably and successfully – agriculture is business!

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