Innovating for Economic Growth, a Better Society and a Healthy Environment

Climate change is putting more pressure and demands on how food is grown, whilst less-and-less people will work in the farming industry. While the need for technological developments in main-stream agriculture to achieve sustainable farming practices, reduce food waste, increase the cultivation of nutritional crops and address challenges brought on by climate change is on the agenda of global communities, governments, and international bodies, smallholder farmers are vulnerable and are equally affected.  

Innovation is at the centre of the industry and investors. AgriTech is attracting investors from diverse backgrounds and the most important reason for this interest is innovation.

With Ag-Tech taking the global stage, farming no longer need to be like throwing a dart at a board, with more growers having to bear more risk than the companies they purchase from and sell to. Innovation is helping prepare and achieve global food security, nutritional foods developments while fighting climate changes

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