Bridging Business Gaps

“Stay Current, Stay Relevant, Make the Right & Informed Decisions”

Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities, strategy, marketing, funding, partnerships, technology and sustainability.

There is no one-size solution fits all for any business, every client’s needs are unique, requiring unique solution. Our main value is our passion for client’s results. Therefore, in our approach to consultation services, we customize and tailor our methodology to achieve our customers goals. We believe the secret to every successful project begins with getting to know our customers, their specific needs, the environment in which they operate, the results they want to achieve and their overall expectations.

We facilitate and manage bilateral business relationships between Sub-Sahara Africa and Central European countries. We identify business opportunities, package them and turn them into projects. We identify partnerships, target markets for your products or services, and gather all pertinent information that equips our investors and technology partners to make informed investment decisions

At SAIMS, we are passionate about continuous learning, which evolves our way of thinking, our interaction with our customers and how we serve them. Our work is based on yielding meaningful, sustainable, economic and social results.
We keep our clients informed so that they stay current, we help them remain relevant so that the decisions they make are accurate, goals’ focused and are in line with the trends.

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