Ethics Policy


We believe that Ethics Behaviour must be part of the DNS and Identity of every business

What we stand for!

1. Introduction

SAIMS is a German registered entity whose main operations are in agriculture, solar energy, health and water resources. We facilitate investment opportunities and economic development between EU Zone and Sub-Sahara Africa. Our mission is to eradicate barriers to partnerships and investment opportunities for business communities and provide enablers to communities in need to reach their full potential through learning, use of new technologies & methods and the power of work. We strongly support and extend our services to the under-represented groups like Women and Poor Communities. We are guided by a strong ethical policy as management team. Board members and directors are expected to act in accordance with the principles set out in this policy.

2. Sustainability

Sustainability is at the forefront of our work and drives our operational and strategic decision-making. Laid out below are the criteria that our clients, partners and investors need to meet, followed by the sustainability measures SAIMS Consulting has committed to in our operations.

2.1 Clients, Investors and Partners

SAIMS Consulting focuses on addressing and responding to: (1) Providing technologies/solutions and enablers that support Sustainable Development, Responsible Investment and Economic Growth for our clients and partners, (2) Project development and providing services that bridge business gaps between Europe and Sub-Sahara Africa for our investors and (3) Adopt and support Sustainable Development Goals that aim at Clean Water, reducing Inequality, No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-Being, Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Change, Decent Work and Economic Growth and respect Life under Water, for our Clients, Partners and Investors.
Before a Non-Disclosure agreement is signed between SAIMS Consulting and the customer, partner and/or investor, the customer, partner and/or investor as well as the proposed project must reach a level of confidentiality that requires consent for release outside the authorised individuals working on the project or negotiating investment deal.
To reach this level, the project and/or investor must be screened to determine whether the project complies with our ethics policy and thus eligible for our cooperation.

2.1.1 Positive Screening

First and foremost, projects must have a positive impact on the community for which they are intended, environment, the climate, life on land and life below water. They must have no adverse effects on biodiversity or natural ecosystems. Life must be supported and only clean technology must be carefully selected so as not to pollute the atmosphere and exacerbate the effects on climate change.
The projects must also reduce the use of harmful carbon pollution, chemicals, air pollution, water pollution, etc., respect all living being and their ecosystem and support good health and welfare. In order to ensure accountability, each project is evaluated according to its sustainability, economic growth, community impact and increase in overall social and economic development.

Secondly, projects must align with SAIMS Consulting active pursuit of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These were agreed upon by UN Member States during the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21 for short, held in Paris in 2015. We focus particularly on ( No Poverty Goals 1) Zero Hunger (Goal2), God Health and Well-being (Goal 3), Quality Education (Goal 4) Gender Equality (Goal 5) Clean Water (Goal 6) Affordable and Clean Energy (Goal 7) Decent Work and Economic Growth (Goal 10) Responsible Consumption and Production (Goal 12) Climate Action (Goal13) Life Belo Water (Goal 14), Life on Land (Goal 15) and Partnerships for the Goals (Goal 17) which aims to support and promote food security, good health and well-being, quality education, clean water, responsible consumption and production, climate change, life below water , life on land and partnerships for the goals (for details, see 17 SDG ).
However, when selecting projects we favour those that also directly and indirectly address various aspects of all goals listed by the UN including, but not limited to, inequality (Goal 10), improving gender equality (Goal 5), promoting sustainable economic growth and increasing employment (Goal 8), building inclusive infrastructure and enabling innovation (Goal 9), rendering communities more resilient and sustainable (Goal 11) and combatting the loss of natural resources and land degradation (Goal 15).
Thirdly, we pledge to only partner with companies that promote fair labour practices, protect human rights and eliminate forced, compulsory or child labour.
Lastly, our clients and partners should demonstrate active engagement for sustainable development in their respective industries as well as local community.
At this juncture, it is worth emphasising that our selection process follows a Triple Bottom Line approach, thus aiming to strike a fruitful balance between social, environmental and financial impact. As a consequence, we occasionally have to reject a very sustainable project proposal as it is not economically viable. Vice versa we may decline a very profitable project on the grounds of poor environmental or social impact. This holistic approach ensures that the projects will lead to significant increase in sustainability on the whole.

2.1.2 Negative Screening

When conducting our negative screening, we orient ourselves towards the quality standards outlined by the European Commission Examples and Guidelines (for more information visit here) The UN Sustainable Development Goals (for more info visit here) . We have expanded on this screening strategy to include more stringent factors. Our company policy dictates that SAIMS Consulting does not enter into collaboration with clients from the following industries:
• Gambling • Tobacco • Food speculation • Conflict minerals • Nuclear power • Oil drilling • Factory farming • Animal testing • Landmines, cluster bombs and arms trading • Weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, radiological, chemical and biological) • Pornography and Prostitution

That violate these four UN Global Compact principles:
• human rights • labour rights • Environment • Anti-Corruption
Or breach:
• Animal rights

2.2 Environment and Climate

In addition to our pledge to screen our clients according to the criteria outlined above, we also carefully select our suppliers and service providers in accordance with strict environmental criteria.

We seek to work with partners and investors that follow a positive ethical policy, organisations that bring about “positive and lasting change.” Companies that excludes gambling, weapons and tobacco industry, “Conflict minerals”, oil and gas sector” from its portfolio, as well as non-sustainable working processes such as “human rights or labour rights infringements, tax evasion and corruption” as well as “controversial farming methods.” For more information. We closely follow policies and ethical standards such as that of McKinsey & Company. For info visit here

Similarly, SAIMS Consulting commits to sustainable practices in the workplace. Our office is supplied by renewable electricity and the space is lit by efficient LED-lightbulbs. We use only certified 100% recycled printing paper, towels and toilet paper. Our soap, dishwashing liquid and cleaning products are supplied in 100% recycled plastic bottles. We seek to use products that are certified by organic companies such as the B-Corporation Ecover (in our German office – where this is possible)
We also discourage wasteful behaviour by encouraging our team members to follow a set of simple rules. These include separating trash for recycling, drinking from reusable glass bottles, drinking Fairtrade coffee, turning the lights and electricity outlets off when leaving the office and being mindful of closing windows when radiators are on (in our German office – where this is possible)
Furthermore, SAIMS Consulting pledges to regularly re-evaluate its workplace habits, identify room for improvement and take action to effect positive change with regards to sustainable consumption and behaviour.

3. Equality

To uphold our commitment to equality, all SAIMS Consulting meembers will treat everyone (clients, investors, networks and customers) with equal dignity and respect. We will ensure no one person is disadvantaged or treated less favourably based on his/her gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, ethnicity, economic background, social status, age, appearance or disability. Discrimination of any sort will not be tolerated.

3.1 Gender Equality

Gender equality is extremely important to SAIMS Consulting. For this reason, we ensure that everyone, regardless of their gender, has equal opportunities, the same career development opportunities and that women are in management positions. We also place emphasis on rejecting prejudices and preconceived notions of gender roles, by partnering, and working with female engineers, food scientists and having a female managing director.

3.2 Anti-harassment

Under no circumstance does SAIMS Consulting tolerate harassment. We aim to foster a safe working environment for all partners, investors and customers, one in which they feel comfortable to report any incidents of harassment. Any reports or indications of harassment will be dealt with immediately and effectively.

4. Community and Customer Interest

4.1 Community

We are fully aware of the responsibility we have as an entity, toward immediate and distant communities. We are in the process of setting up a non-profit organisation to contribute domestically and internationally to the positive social development of communities. In a direct sense, this occurs through job creation, transfer of technology, knowledge and skill and the improvement of living standards through providing access to clean and safe energy, water, food security and create programs aimed at stimulating economic activities in the communities that are under-represented. In turn, these factors have direct positive impact on education, health, culture, income and economic, technological and financial inclusion.

4.2 Customers

Protecting our investors, customers and partners is crucial to our business model. In addition, we take various measures to ensure the quality and reliability of the projects presented to us and those which we develop. All projects are carefully assessed by directors and external certified consultants. Another key aspect to ensuring our customers are protected is customer service. To this end, SAIMS Consulting is available via telephone as well as via e-mail under or,

5. Market

Given that we are one of the few companies offering services and products in Sub-Sahara Africa that understand the markets well, we are able to contribute to the expansion and betterment of the economic and community development and skill development needed in the Sub-Sahara Africa region. As such, we are able to participate in the market development in a fair and sustainable fashion and provide and/or support an investment-friendly & business climate.

5.1 Fair competition

SAIMS consulting believes in a fair and healthy market development. For this reason, we commit to not colluding with competitors by fixing prices, bid rigging or dividing the market by allocating customers, suppliers, territories or lines of commerce. As an investment facilitation and project development entity and project developers, we do not benefit from establishing output restrictions or quotas

6. Anti-corruption

In order to maintain our integrity and independence, we do not accept gifts of any sort from clients. This includes refusing:

• Bribes • Material gifts • Coverage of travel expenses • Favours • Charitable donations
Moreover, SAIMS Consulting is determined to address conflicts of interest. This implies identifying and declaring conflicts of interest, as well as preventing them from influencing, for example, the quality of our projects, the rigor of our selection process or any other decisions we make. To this end, no team members are allowed to make decisions from which they stand to benefit financially or personally.

7. Privacy policy and property rights

7.1 Privacy Policy

As an investment facilitation entity, we handle sensitive data concerning project partners, customers and investors. In accordance with the EU Data Protection Act (EU-Datenschutz-Grundvorderung) we have publicised a data protection declaration on our website. All SAIMS Consulting team members are expected to adhere to the policy laid out in this document. Failure to comply will not be tolerated.

7.2 Property Rights

To ensure compliance by third parties, it is standard procedure that customers, partners, investors and service providers sign nondisclosure agreements when entering into collaboration with SAIMS Consulting. This also protects intellectual property.
Prior to starting work with partners and customers at SAIMS Consulting, team members are required to sign a confidentiality agreement, which states that they are not allowed to share information regarding company secrets, internal processes and confidential data. Each member is also made aware of his/her criminal liability in accordance with the paragraph 17 and 18 of the Unfair Competition Act (UWG). For more info, you can read about it here

8. Invitation to stakeholders

SAIMS Consulting acknowledges that its ethics policy is a living document, one that it should continually strive to improve. To this end, SAIMS Consulting has set up the dedicated email address, and extends an open invitation to all stakeholders to discuss and develop this policy.