What We Offer

“Everything we do is based on greater customer centricity. My favorite moment is seeing the impact of our work as a customer myself.  The best part is seeing how a focus on customers translates to the bottom line”


Business Consulting

In our approach we discuss the background, objectives, major products and customer’s desired results. Our accuracy in understanding our client’s needs and requirements results in successful research projects which then form part of our improvement and augment recommendations, or our project development strategy.

As a team of consultants, what separates us from our rivals is that we consult with passion and drive for excellence.

We are knowledgeable about the markets in which we operate.


Business Development

What we understand very well at SAIMS is that our client’s objective is more important than ours. We don’t sell what we offer, we sell what our clients need. By listening carefully to their requirements, we refine our approach and our product offering to ensure that we are addressing their needs.
For us, business development is about the activity of pursuing strategic opportunities for our client’s business by cultivating partnerships and other commercial relationships. It is about identifying new markets for their products or services.

In short, we are about creating long-term value for our clients from customers, markets, and relationships.


Investment Services

It has become tough balancing performance and risk in developed markets, which are not only more crowded, they also offer lower returns today than many people can remember. Africa has become a popular investment destination than ever before. On average, African economies are growing two or three times faster than those of the developed world. Growth across the continent is not based on traditional, activities like mining, oil or gas. Most of Africa’s development is driven by fast expanding demand from increasingly wealthier consumers. Africa has a unique investment dynamic – it is starting to thrive and business is being quick to be of service.

Import and Export Services

Since international trade has risen over the centuries, we have witnessed it multiplying in the recent years of globalisation. Exchanging of goods, and services across international borders or territories has become a challenge for some, although trade represents a significant share of their gross domestic product.
We have been crossing borders between Europe and Africa for our clients since 2002, bridging business gaps by offering tailor- made shipping and transportation services to our clients.

We have now added other territories such as Asia, etc. In these areas, our transportation shipping services are tailored specifically to your needs.



We market products and services globally. Our Marketing services are designed to address two points (1) Objectives: What qualitative results our clients want to accomplish over the next year? (2) Goals: How will progress toward objectives be measured quantitatively? We develop trendsetter ideas by researching the industry in which you operate, and its related events and trends. We analyse risk and opportunities in order to access new markets and, partner with reputable local players in various industries for further mileage. These could be local service providers, retailers or technology companies with local market dynamics know-how.

Opportunities in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the world’s most stable economies, it has the second highest gross domestic product (GDP) per capita in the world.
The economy of Switzerland ranked first in the world in the 2015 Global Innovation Index and the 2017 Global Competitiveness Report.

There are a number of opportunities offered to investors, both companies and individuals. You can now establish your businesses in the country, or you may choose to invest in real estate.

To establish your business in Switzerland, we can assist you with copany registration, open bank accounts  for your business, etc. Likewise we can assist you to invest in real estate in the most charming and prestigious residential area on the Swiss mountains. You want to be part of this communiy. let us know…

Where We Offer Services

Sectors in which we operate

We extend our Services to the under-represented groups like Women and Poor Communities


Growing population is setting the food demand at its highest, and by 2050 the demands will grow by up to 70%.

Not only is SAIMS Consultig partnering with a number of food producers in a nuber of countries, we are also actively identifying opprtunities for investment in this sector. We believe, now is the right time to make the investment.

We are actively helping these producers access international markets to introduce their prroducts.


With coal continuing to decline as more countries turn to clean energy, metals such as Linthium, Copper, Zink, Lead, Silver, etc are sought after. Car makers and their suppliers demand is  increasing and expected to rise significantly.

Not only do we meet the current demand, we also look at the trends and identify best deals in the industry in Africa Asia.

We source minerals for sale, we identify investment opportunities in the industry and we provide various services such as exploring, prospecting, etc.


Today’s consumers are already insisting on efficiency and a bigger variety of products. These changes derive from various number of reasons including migration – people moving around. Customers are demanding retailers to set up huge variety of supplies.

We are assisting and supporting small to medium businesses that produce various first-class retail products, including the under-represented groups such as women and poor communities. We help them access retail sector in international markets.

Solar Energy

Globally, clean energy is  growing by 10% annually. Although emerging giants such as China and India who are suffering excessive levels of pollution in their key cities are leading this growth, there are many other countries in other regions who are in serious need for electrification.

SAIMS is partnering with leading Solar Energy technology companies and IPPs to offer comprehensive solutions to our investors. We go to emerging markets to identify areas in need of elecrification and offer these opportunitires to our investors.

















Solar Energy







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